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Diefenbaker Place

diefenbaker place - melfort housing authority

Diefenbaker Place, located at 201-205 Park Avenue in Melfort, SK, provides housing for Senior Citizens or Physically Disabled Persons capable of living independently.  An […]

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caskey place - melfort housing authority

Caskey Place is located at 415 – 419 Burns Avenue East in Melfort, SK.  This Senior Housing project is located in a quiet, well-established […]

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One of our Social Family Housing projects – Wesley Place – is located on the 400 block of Broadway Avenue South.  These 18 units are […]

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Prairie Court

prairie court - melfort housing authority

Prairie Court is a Social Housing project, for low income individuals or families.  It is located at 105 Melfort Street West, in Melfort, SK.  Twenty-four (24) townhouses […]

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Consolation Manor

Consolation Manor - melfort housing authority

Consolation Manor is located at 101 Stovel West in Melfort, Sk.  This project is a family, non-senior and senior apartment building.  It is located […]

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