Who we are...

Melfort Housing Authority has a seven member volunteer Board of Directors, who have "been entrusted to manage and maintain in good condition, the housing projects which have been assigned to the Authority in order to provide adequate, suitable, and affordable housing for the benefit of low income seniors, families, the physically disabled, and any other individuals in their community."

We are a property management company responsible for the housing programs possible through contributions from the federal, provincial, and municipal governments.  We can offer quality housing for low income individuals, families, and seniors, for reasonable rents.

Our Social Housing Program provides safe and adequate housing to individuals and families in need.  This program is intended to serve households with low incomes; priority is given to seniors (55+), families with children or dependents, and individuals with physical disabilities.  Our tenants benefit from a safe place to call home, a community they can enjoy, and peace of mind.  Tenants living in social housing must be able to live independently.  This independence may include support from family, the community, or other agencies.

For families, social housing is intended to be a short-term housing option.  As families improve their economic circumstances and are able to afford housing in the private market, they typically seek private rental housing or home ownership.  This ensures that social housing units are available to those in greatest need.

For seniors and individuals with disabilities, social housing is often a long-term option.  Tenants living in social housing must be able to live independently, and this independent lifestyle may include support from family, the community, or other agencies.

What we do...

All persons interested in housing with Melfort Housing Authority are required to complete an application form where annual income can be verified.  Information provided by applicants requesting Social Housing is kept confidential, and used to determine their eligibility and priority of need for housing.  The applicant's name is then placed on our Approved Applicant List.  Units are offered based on priority of need, as housing units become available, rather than first come, first served.

Applicants must provide the housing authority with a recent rental history, including landlord references.  If an applicant is a previous tenant of a housing authority or received funding through any other SHC housing program, the applicant must be in good standing for their application to be approved.

When determining priority of need, Melfort Housing Authority's Selection Committee reviews the applicants.  This Committee is made up of members of the Melfort Housing Authority's Board of Directors.  They review each application, in accordance with Saskatchewan Housing Authority's policies, to determine need based on adequacy, suitability, affordability, social / health issues, and other relevant factors.

Monthly rent is collected via Pre-Authorized Payment only.  This provides a safe, efficient, and more convenient method to pay rent.  Smoking is not allowed in any units, common areas, or on the surrounding grounds.  Melfort Housing Authority also has a "No Pets" policy.  These local policies apply to both tenants and guests.

Where we are...

Where we are...

Our office is located on the main floor of Diefenbaker Place, at 201 Park Avenue, in Melfort, SK.  We are open from 9:00 a.m. to Noon, and 1:00 to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

In the event of an after-hours emergency (such as plumbing, heating, or electrical issues), Melfort Housing Authority's Maintenance personnel can be contacted any time, day or night.  Our staff also provide snow removal and grounds keeping for our housing projects.